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Newly Qualified Teachers short course

The NQT short course is the vehicle through which the NQT Project offers workshop support to newly qualified teachers. The workshops are run at UCT School of Education in a cosy and friendly environment where teachers can be authentic about their challenges and feel safe from reprisal. Cookies, cushions and tea are common.



The course involves 8 workshops of 2 hours each that run throughout the school year. We endeavour to avoid weekends and holidays as far as possible, as we recognise these times as important for teachers to maintain work-life balance.

The workshops run in 2016 covered:

1. Teacher identity: who are we, and what brings us to this work?

2. Time management and wellness: how critical the teacher's wellbeing is to effective lessons and student wellbeing

3. Behaviour management for learning: the use of positive reinforcement and boundaries as well as relationship development to maintaining a classroom climate conducive to learning.

4. Assessment: how to integrate the demands of assessment policy, the need for formative assessment as well as the pragmatic constraints of how much marking one teacher can cope with.

5. Planning: the critical skill of teaching. How to construct solid lesson plans that include differentiation, multiple learning formats, pacing. How to integrate behaviour management into planning. How to plan sequentially across sections, terms and assessments.

6. Relationships with colleagues: how to develop and maintain healthy and productive relationships with peers, management and parents.

7. Resources: When to make your own and when to source from someone else. How to develop resources that are reusable.

8. Key legislation: The critical aspects of the Children's Act, the South African School's Act and the Employment of Educators Act that every teacher should know.


Assessment and certification

NQTs are requested to submit 4 short reflections (one page each) throughout the year on their practice in their schools, themed around the workshop topics. These are compiled into a portfolio of evidence which can then be submitted to obtain the SACE Continued Professional Development Points.

Successful completion of the course (minimum of 6 workshops attended) also receives certification from UCT for Continuing Education.



We ask a nominal fee of R500 for the course to assist us in covering costs. However, in the event that an NQT would like to participate but is unable to pay this fee, we will consider a waiver.

If you would like to participate in the course next year, you can apply here.